Flash Template FAQs: Edit Flash Template


How do I open a template once you have sent me the download link?

We will send you the download link of the source code. Templates are delivered in .ZIP format to speed up delivery and downloading. You need an unzipping tool to open the files. For Windows users, please visit http://Pkware.com or http://WinZip.com. For Mausers, please visit http://StuffIt.com.

What is the difference between SWF files and FLA files?

SWF files is the compiled version of flash presentation for VIEWING only. FLA file is the source code file of the flash presentation, which can be edited and re-compiled.

Do I get the source code the exact way as they appear on your website?

Yes. The source you receive can compile into exactly the same flash presentation as the one you see on our website.

Can I add my own music and photos if I purchase flash template(s) from you?

YES. You can customized your own text, color, music, images, etc... However, we suggest you have a basic working knowledge of Flash 5 programming to edit the source code properly.

Can you customize the flash templates for me using my own logo, text and images?

YES certainly. You can find out more about our customization service at: http://www.a4flash.com/job_request.html , and submit us a job request.

I just need a basic site. Do you have any flash templates which I can modify by myself without any program knowledge?

For best customization results, you can try our customization service. Or you can check out A4Desk Flash Builder, our WYSIWYG Flash-building software that requires no programming knowledge.

Can I use a "Finance" template but use another template layout instead (e.g. use a template layout in "Sports" series)?

YES. The images and music used by the templates are for demo purpose. You can select a template of ANY theme, and customize it to suit your particular needs. If you are interested in customization service, please visit our Customization Job Request page.

Do you develop fully customized flash templates and flash intros?

YES. We can design fully customized flash template, intro or a complete website for you based on your requirements. You can check out some of the customization jobs we have done at http://www.a4flash.com/theme/ . To see more customization projects we have done for previous clients, please contact us at http://www.a4flash.com/contact_us.html

How to make a flash game?

You can make a flash game by using flash game templates (including games such as flash golf, blackjack, memory cards, music game etc), or contact us for a custom flash game project.

Can we modify your templates to other languages version by ourselves?

If you have Adobe Flash installed on your computer, you can modify our flash templates and use your own language.

How do I make the flash presentation auto-start from a CD when it is inserted into a CD driver?

1)You can compile the flash presentation as an .EXE file so viewers can always open     it, without any plug-in installed.
2)You need to have a file "autorun.inf", in which, it must have a following lines:
3) Put both the presentation file ("filename.exe") and "autorun.inf" in the root directory     of the CD.

If you need to auto start other file types (such as video files, audio files, powerpoint), or need to auto start multiple files, special customization / programming is needed. Please contact us with your requirements.

How do I compile the flash presentation into an .exe file?

Please follow the instruction below:
1) open file > publish settings
2) uncheck all checkboxes except "exe"
3) press the button "publish"

How do I edit text?

There are 3 ways to edit text, you can follow the steps below:

First Method
- Go to Window/Library, find the symbol which contain text inside
- Right click the symbol and choose "edit"
- Unlock the Layer
- You can double click the text area and edit the text

Second Method
- Go to Window/Library, find the symbol which contain text inside
- Right click the symbol and choose "edit"
- Unlock the Layer
- You should find a "+" on the text area, double click the "+" twice until you find a "a" on the Frame area
- Click the "a"one the frame area
- Click "Window"/action. You should find the text on "Frame action"

Remarks: You may need to edit text on "frame action" when there's scroll bar on the text.

Third Method
You can normally find the text on the last few frames. When you click one of them, you may find a symbol(blue square box) on the text area. Please double click the symbol. You can then go to specific frame, double click the text area to edit the text.

How do I edit pre-loading area?

Please follow the steps below:

1) click Window/Scene/
2) click the upper "Scene"
3) you can then edit the loading area

I saw a grey border frame with the message "Click to activate and use this control" when I roll my mouse over my Flash site. How to remove them from my Flash site?

You can download our A4 Flash Easy Coder, which will fix this problem instantly and automatically for you.

You can go here to download it for free, or view more details of the problem: