HTML Template FAQs: Edit HTML Template Files


How do I open HTML template files?

We will send you the download link of the source code. Templates are delivered in .ZIP format to speed up delivery and downloading. You need an unzipping tool to open the files. For Windows users, please visit or For Mausers, please visit

How do I edit HTML templates?

You may use Dreamweaver, FrontPage or other HTML Editor to edit HTML pages, and use any graphics software to create your own graphics.

- edit the html codes inside the "html" files for your webpages
- develop / modify your webpages by using dreamweaver with the "dwt" file
- edit the images (with a better resolution) with the "psd" files

You should then find a web hosting company to host your website.

Can I use Adobe Photoshop to edit text?

Yes. The text (e.g. company name) can be edited in Adobe Photoshop.

- select the Type Tool in the Tools panel
- click on the text layer with the Type Tool and edit

How do I edit buttons?

You can edit buttons on psd file.
- cut the button from psd file
- copy and save the button as gif file

Remarks: if the size of the modified image is different from that of the existing one, you should modify the html file as well.