Flash Template FAQs: Flash Editing Software


Must I have Flash MX2004 to edit your files?

YES. Flash templates on A4Flash can only be edited in Flash MX2004 or versions above, such as Flash 8, Flash CS3, etc. You must have Flash MX2004 or above installed in order to open and edit the source code.

Alternatively, if you just need a basic flash web site or flash header, without much customization needs, please check out A4Desk, our Flash-building software that requires no programming knowledge.

How to open and edit Flash MX2004 file in Flash 8?

Open Flash MX2004 files with Flash 8 should be the same as open them with Flash MX2004, i.e., all Flash MX2004 files can be opened with Flash 8 without any problems.

How can I get Flash software? Do I have to buy the full developers software package?

You can order Flash software from Adobe website. The latest version is Flash 8. You can also download a free software from the site. Please note that the free software has the limitations. For details please visit Adobe at http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/flashpro/

Can I use Flash 5.0 or SWISH to edit your files?

NO. The flash templates have used features which are only supported in Flash MX2004 or above.

Can I open your Flash templates on a Macintosh computer?

YES. All our flash templates can be opened in BOTH of PC & Macintosh.
Please see also: http://sdc.shockwave.com/support/flash/ts/documents/opening_pc_fla_files_on_mac.htm

Do you provide a free demo flash template, so I can test it with my Flash software?

Yes -- you can download a free sample of our flash template by click here

How can I see Flash Presentation if I do not have Flash plug-in?

If you are using MSIE, MSIE will reminds you should install a plug-in to view the current page. And the plug-in will be installed automatically if you choose "YES".

According to Adobe, over 95% computers has Flash plug-in installed already. It is pre-installed on Windows 98, ME, XP, and Mac OS. For details, please refer to Adobe Flash info page at:


For maximum compatibility, you can have a HTML "entrance" page, where the user can select either a HTML, or Flash version, before they fully open the website.