There are some other companies who offer flash templates for me to edit them online without using any software, is yours the same?

There is no direct comparison between our template and those web based templates.

Basically those companies provide a web-interface application which allows you to create a flash presentation online. You can have the compile version but they own the source code, You can only modify the presentation according to what their online software allows.

So in fact they just provide a rental service, no matter how many sites they offer to you -- you are just paying to "borrow" them and you have to keep paying the annual rental fee.

For us we do NOT provide you with a new application interface. We provide the source code -- and you will actually OWN and STORE the source code LOCALLY on your own PC. You edit the source code using Adobe Flash 5.0 or Flash MX. You can add, remove, modify, mix-and-match any parts of the flash template with other flash files. You pay to BUY and OWN the presentation, not rent.

Why is it so important for me to own the source code of the flash presentation?

Even if you never edit the source code yourselves, it is crucial that you own the source code of your flash presentation. By owning the source code file, you can edit and recompile the flash presentation anytime, either by yourself, an in-house designer or a contractor. You can then host the flash presentation anywhere, allowing fast access to the file anytime.

In contrast, if you access your flash presentation via a web application interface, any problem with the application server or network connection may block your access and you can't do anything till the service backup. If their site went down, no body, including yourself, can see your presentation any longer.

And your flash presentation is also not "portable" or "transferrable", you have to keep paying them in order to keep your presentation alive. If their site or their business went down (no company, even blue-chip companies, can guarantee that they will maintain their level of service forever), your site is also gone. You have to re-build the whole thing again from scratch.

By owning your own flash files, you can update, re-compile and host the site anywhere you like, user who visit your site see it directly rather than getting re-directed from somewhere else. You also just pay an once-off fee, rather an endlessly renewal fee. And if one day we no more operate this business, you still have all the files you need to keep updating / maintain your site.

What is the disadvantage then, of using your flash templates compare to other web based templates?

The only disadvantage (if you want to call it this way), is that you must have good Flash skill and experience to edit the code quickly, otherwise you might need to spend sometime to learn Flash 5.0 first, or have us to help you by using our customization service.

It might be easier for you to compile a flash presentation online using the web based flash template services -- however you are bound by many restrictions. In most cases, you can only change the text and certain pre-defined objects. If you require more customization options, such as change of your company logo with some animated effects, change of background color or images, and change of a particular clipart, you can only do it by editing the source code using the real thing -- Flash 5.0 or Flash MX.

How many different flash templates do you provide?

We have a wide selection of templates in different categories. We have over 60 at this moment.

How often do you update the gallery?

We are putting up new templates on a monthly basis.

Can you design a special flash template for me?

YES. If you need some template in a particular theme which is not currently offered, you are welcome to email us your suggestions. We can also develop customized flash templates for you if you have an immeidate need.

Do your e-commerce templates come with a pre-designed secure server page?

The template itself contains the "layout" only, it doesn't come with a
pre-designed secure server page.