I am interested in showing your flash templates to my clients, if they like it, I will purchase the templates on their behalf. Is it possible for me to show them your flash templates but without your brand and links?

YES we have a range of reseller kits which should suit your needs, please find details at: http://www.a4flash.com/resellers.html.

What do I get if I purchase the flash templates you displayed on your website?

The flash templates we sold on our website comes with FULL SOURCE code (.FLA) file which is ready to be edited and re-compiled.

What do I get if I purchase the reseller kit?

The reseller kit we sold contains .SWF files only, which cannot be edited. However we have already remove our company name, brand, and all links from the .SWF file, so a reseller can display these flash templates to their clients, without disclosing our identity.

If we buy your flash templates with source code, can we use that to develop any number of website for clients, without showing your name, and only need to purchase the template once?

YES this is the deal. The only restriction is that you cannot sell the source code file to your clients. You can compile unlimited number of .SWF or .EXE files for your clients.

There are some web-based software which allows me to edit flash templates online for resell, is your templates the same?

You can't really compare a team of human expert with unlimited possibilities, to a brain-less computer driven application. Please find more information about our service in comparison with these web application by clicking here.