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Preview this Flash Blog Template Preview this Flash Blog Template
Preview this Flash Blog Template
Preview this Flash Blog Template Preview this Flash Blog Template
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Flash Blog - FB002
Flash Blog allows you to define entry time, title, author, content in external XML file for easy editing.
No Flash and programming knowledge required.
Price of Flash Blog - FB002
$49 Standalone Flash Blog (SWF)
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What you can change
  • Modify your blog title/subtitle
  • Use this Flash Blog on Web Sites or on your local computer
  • Modify date/author/titles of articles
  • Display articles in reverse chronological order.
Sample XML configuration file of a Flash Blog Template (View XML File)

  <title type="html">My Flash Blog</title>
  <subtitle type="html">XML based Flash Blog by A4Flash</subtitle>
    <name>A4Flash Press</name>

  <link rel="self" href="http://www.a4flash.com/blog/1/atom.xml" />
  <link rel="category" title="About" href="about.xml" />
  <link rel="category" title="Multilanguage Support" href="multilanguage-support.xml" />
  <link rel="category" title="Resources" href="resources.xml" />
  <link rel="archive" title="May 2007" href="200705.xml" />
  <link rel="archive" title="April 2007" href="200704.xml" />
  <link rel="archive" title="March 2007" href="200703.xml" />

  <rights>Copyright (c) 2007, A4Flash</rights>

    <title type="html">What is Blog?</title>
    <content type="html">A blog (short for web log) is a website...</content>
    <category term="Articles" />
    <category term="Computer" />


<-- The title tag contains title of the Flash Blog (supports HTML*)
<-- The subtitle tag contains the subtitle (supports HTML*)
<-- The updated tag contains last updated time
<-- The author section defines the author information for blog reader
<-- This name defines the author name
<-- This uri defines the website
<-- This email defines the email

<-- The link defines location of this atom file
<-- The link defines category and it's data file

<-- The link defines archives and it's data file

<-- The logo tag contains logo for blog reader
<-- The rights tag contains copyright information

<-- The entry sections defines the options of articles
<-- This title defines the title of articles
<-- This updated defines the date of the articles
<-- This author defines the author information
<-- This name defines the author name

<-- This content define the content of articles (supports HTML*)
<-- This category define the category of articles


* About HTML Support

You can use HTML font style in text fields by :

  • CDATA : <title> <![CDATA[ <u> Text </u> ]]> </title>
  • HTML Entites : <title> &lt;u&gt; Text &lt;/u&gt; </title>


Special features

  • No Flash software and programming knowledge required
  • Define blog options, entry time, author, title, content in an external XML file
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File included:
  1. The Flash Blog (.swf)
  2. Configuration file (.xml)